KRAUS & NAIMER Catalogue 2021

Cataloge 100: C, CA & CAD Switches & L Switches: 10A-2400A Catalogue 101: Optional Extras & Enclosures Catalogue 110: A Switches: 6A-25A Catalogue 120: CG, CH & CHR Switches: 10A-25A Catalogue 130: DH, DHR, DK, DKR, D Switches: 20mA / 30mV-690V Catalogue 150: KG / KH Switches: 20A-80A Catalogue 302: Push Buttons & Pilot Lights 22.5mm Controls Catalogue 500: Main Switches, Maintenance Switches & Switch Disconnectors The Range of Blue Line Switchgear Technical literature covering the following is available by viewing our web site DC-Switch with knife contact G20/G20S Disconnectors for Photovoltaic Maintenance Switches for EMC-Compliant connection for F-U regulated drives SCAN FOR CATALOGUES