* For SOLID and EK enclosures (except 9F OE130 SIS0001 & 9F EKOE180 SIS0001) Accessories 999 CAT/FIBOX/SGX329 PD.08/12 • Inspection Windows • Ventilation Device • Water Plug • Spacer • Hinges/Latch for SOLID/EK enclosures Authorised Distributors for FIBOX Enclosures INDONESIA P.T. Lestari Inti Utama Jl. Daan Mogot No.119 Blk C - 12A, Jakarta Barat 11510, Indonesia Tel : 6221 5654811/15 Fax : 6221 5667289 e-mail : MALAYSIA HPH Materials (M) Sdn Bhd No.4 Jalan Nilam 1/6 Subang Hi-Tech Industrial Park 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia Tel : 03-5638 2213 Fax : 03-5638 8213 e-mail : SINGAPORE Kraus & Naimer Pte. Ltd. 115A Commonwealth Drive #03-17/23, Singapore 149596 Tel : (65) 64738166 Fax : (65) 64738643 e-mail : COMPANY REG NO: 196600227Z Reference Description Remarks 9F H35 SIS0001 Hinges S.Steel/1 set = 2pc 9F H35 SIS0002 Hinges S.Steel/1 set = 4pc 900S SGX583* Hinges PC/1 set = 2pc 9F L20 SIS0001 Latch S.Steel/1 set= 2pc 9F L20 SIS0002 Latch S.Steel1 set = 4pc 9F MB10523 Blind Plug For hinged cover corners Reference Size Material 9F FA12053 14mm Steel 9F FA12052 42mm Steel 9F MB10686 15/34mm Polycarbonate Reference Size Remarks 9F MB12189 Ø 10mm IP34 Reference Size Remarks 9F MB10564 Ø 29mm IP44 9F MB10631 Ø 19mm IP33 Reference Size in mm Remarks 9F L02 60 x 77 For 2 modules - IP54 9F L04 96 x 77 For 4 modules - IP54 9F L06 130 x 77 For 6 modules - IP54 9F L08 162 x 77 For 8 modules - IP54 9F L10 199 x 77 For 10 modules - IP54 9F L13 257 x 108 For 13 modules - IP65 9F L12II 248 x 128 IP65 9F L24II 248 x 218 IP65 Reference Color Material 9F MB10894 Grey Polyamide • Pressure Equalizer Plug To eliminate condensation of water inside the enclo- sure through equalizing pressure inside. Our company’s policy is one of continuous development and improvement and therefore, the products shown in this catalogue can be subjected to change in appearance, characteristic, operation and utilisation. The details given are for guidance only and shall not bind us in any way.