KRAUS & NAIMER Control and Load Switches for higher Capacities

Code Type/Handle CA4 CAD.. CA10B- CA4-1 CA10- CA63 C43CAD4-1 CA25 C32 C125 Switch Function and Configuration C, CA, CAD Switches Function Escutch. Plate Stages Connection Diagram WAA046 WAA017 A048 WAA021 WAA036 WAA037 19 1available only up to switch type CA25B Ammeter Switches Single pole with one current transformer Single pole with 3 current transformers without „OFF“ Single pole with 3 current transformers with „OFF“ 360° rotation Single pole with 2 current transformers (3 readings) Single pole with 4 current transformers 2 pole 2 current transformers 1 3 3 2 4 3 I I I I I I I I S I S I S I I S I S1 I S I I F058 F181-PRL F059 F172-PRL F060 F057 < back to table of contents > Dimensions p.56