KRAUS & NAIMER Control and Load Switches for higher Capacities

Code Type/Handle C26CA4 CAD.. C43 CA4-1 CA10- CA10B- CA40CAD4-1 CA25 CA25B CA63 Switch Function and Configuration C, CA, CAD Switches Function Escutch. Plate Stages Connection Diagram WAA190 WAA192 A789 A791 WAA790 WAA179 WAA537 WAA182 WAA150 22 Control Switches 1Advise the indicator device, described in Catalog 101, page 9. 2not available for switch types CA25 and CA25B 3incl. slip clutch 4available only up to switch type CA40 Stop start switch with spring return to run with contactor interlock contactors for 2 units Motor voltage control switch 2 2 Control Switches with electrically isolated contacts Stop start switch single pole Stop start switch with spring return to 1 Stop start switch with spring return to run for 2 units Contactor control with spring return to „OFF“ Circuit breaker control 1 1 2 2 2 Control and Alarm Switches1 With slip clutch and without indicator device Without indicator device 53 2 I I I P I P I I I I I I I I I I P I I I I P I4 I4 I4 I B2 B2 B2 F121 F144-PRL F024 F119 F121 F025 F143-PRL < back to table of contents > Dimensions p.56