KRAUS & NAIMER Control and Load Switches for higher Capacities

40 Face plates Square and rectangular face plates are available for each size of switch. The face plate consists of a frame and a faceplate having the switch positions which is than embossed with hot-foil backing. The face plate frame is an essential part of the switch and serves as a bearing surface for the handle. If the switch is to be mounted without an face plate we would recommend for size S1, S2 and S3 the handle bearing plate T100-04. Standard Letterings Available (Over 500 standard letterings, special letterings upon request.) 30° switching 45° switching F022 F141 F158 F703 F023 F137 F142 F159 F701 F704 F152 F709 F026 F035 F153 F169 F024 F143 F160 F221 F222 F224 F025 F034 F036 F037 F038 F039 F139 F144 F147 F149 F150 F151 F219 F258 F259 F273 F280 F329 F384 F708 F053 F161 F297 F298 F306 F307 F001 F040 F052 F229 F355 F018 F019 F029 F030 F154 F155 F165 F166 F183 F184 F301 F302 F321 F332 F333 F334 F335 F374 F711 F712 F002 F021 F033 F041 F055 F305 F319 F054 F003 F042 F138 F255 F299 F308 F353 F350 F351 F004 F014 F017 F020 F027 F028 F031 F032 F043 F049 F135 F156 F157 F162 F167 F168 F187 F189 F303 F304 F336 F337 F347 F348 F710 F713 F714 F734 F005 F044 F136 F140 F702 F006 F010 F045 F015 F050 F007 F011 F046 F008 F012 F047 F016 F051 F009 F013 F048 F748 F782 F783 F784 F785 F786 F787 F788 F799 F111 F210 F211 F284 F285 F296 F322 F727 F740 F739 F741 F419 F789 F790 F791 F794 F795 F110 F106 F116 F294 F317 F414 F415 F416 F417 F418 F775 F776 F777 F778 F779 F780 F781 F796 F797 F798 F105 F108 F112 F113 F117 F118 F293 F429 F217 F267 F289 F330 F375 F376 F383 F408 F409 F410 F411 F412 F413 F426 F427 F430 F729 F752 F747 F295 F742 F743 F215 F216 F738 F744 F746 F792 F793 F107 F109 F114 F115 F212 F213 F214 < back to table of contents >