KRAUS & NAIMER Control and Load Switches for higher Capacities

58 We reserve the right to make technical and dimensional changes without prior notice. The Range of “Blue Line” Switchgear Technical literature covering the following products is available on request. Catalog Number Main Switches and Main Switches with Emergency Function 16 A-315 A Maintenance Switches 20 A-315 A Switch Disconnectors 20 A-315 A According to IEC 60947-3, EN 60947-3, VDE 0660 part 107, IEC 60204, EN 60204 and VDE 0113 C, CA and CAD Switches 10 A-315 A and L Switches 350 A-2400 A C, CA and CAD switches are designed for universal application. They are recommended for instrument, isolator, double-throw and motor control. L switches are designed for load and off-load applications. They are used to switch resistive or low inductive loads. Optional Extras and Enclosures The complete product line, a large number of optional extras is available, including door interlocks, push-pull devices, cylinder and padlock attachments, control and indicator devices, AC motor drives, as well as enclosures, both insulated and metal. A and AD Switches 6 A-25 A A and AD switches have 4 contacts in each switching stage. These switches provide an extensive range of s w i t c h functions and require a minimum mounting depth. Up to 24 switching positions are possible, with availability of 48 contacts per 12 stage switch column. CG, CH and CHR Switches 10 A-25 A Ultra compact CG, CH and CHR switches are ideally suited for control and instrumentation applications. Switch terminals are “finger-proof” and conveniently accessible for wiring and are delivered open. All CG4 switches offer specially designed gold plated contacts or H-bridges with “cross-wire” contact systems, which facilitates their use in electronic circuitry and chemically aggressive environments. DH, DHR, DK and DKR Switches 6 A-16 A DH, DHR, DK and DKR switches incorporate unique corrosion resistant contacts that permit operation on system voltage as low as 1 V. They have fully enclosed and protected contacts which can be operated either by rotary and/or lateral handle movement. D switches are used in calibration and semiconductor circuits. They are also used for relay and contactor control. X Switches 200 A-630 A X switches can be applied for load, tap and gang switching duties. They incorporate 6 contacts in each switching stage. Their compact design provides a minimum length dimension for mounting purposes. KG Switches 20 A-315 A and KH and KHR Switches 16 A-80 A KG, KH and KHR switches are excellent circuit interruptors. They have high through fault and fault making capacities and are especially designed for use as isolators and safety switches for machine tools, distribution panels and switchboards. KG ON/OFF switches offer unusually high dimensioned air and creepage distances between terminals which are designed for time saving “straight-line” wiring. ON/OFF switches are available with up to 8 poles and double-throw switches are available with up to 4 poles. Push Buttons and Pilot Lights, 22,5 mm Ø A complete range of state-of-the-art push buttons and pilot lights represent an ideal combination of functional security and economical efficiency in a modular design. 500 100 101 110 120 130 140 150 302